Studio Nippoldt

Studio Nippoldt

The studio’s first collaboration began in 2004 for Robert Nippoldt’s book project, "Gangster: the Chicago bosses". In the following years, Robert continued to work with his companion Christine Nippoldt and his sister Astrid Nippoldt. Together they founded the Nippoldt Studio in 2012.

Illustrator and book designer Robert Nippoldt has a degree in graphic arts and illustration from the Münster University of Applied Sciences. His book trilogy on America in the 1920s and 1930s, "Gangsters, Jazz & Hollywood", was his breakthrough, garnering many awards and critical acclaim. He is especially appreciative of any possible division of labor as happening in Studio Nippoldt – so he can dedicate more time to snorkeling and his band.

Video artist Astrid Nippoldt first earned a degree in graphic arts from the Münster University of Applied Sciences followed by media art from the University of the Arts in Bremen. Her video installations have featured in numerous international exhibitions and garnered critical acclaim. When she is not traveling for a video project or teaching she’s drawing for the Nippoldt Studio. She is the Studio's contact person.

The illustrator and children’s book author Christine Nippoldt is involved in almost any of Robert Nippoldt’s projects. Since her studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, she illustrates, writes and designs books for children and adults. Projects near and dear to her heart can be found under her pseudonym, Lilli L’Arronge.

The visual artist and sculpture Reinhard Fichtner adds the third dimension to Studio Nippoldt. Apart from his sculptural objects he designs scenarios and storyboards. His artistic eye is an essential part of Studio Nippoldt.

Media designer Saskia Kunze has been working for Robert Nippoldt since 2014. In addition to her own projects, she also enriches the Studio`s work in drawing, designing and font design.